What Others Have Said About Our Victim Impact Panels

Lisa V.  “My heart goes out to George and his family and I will never forget his story of the loss of his son and nearly the loss of his own life due to this incident.”

Steve W. “Very powerful stuff.  Provide information in a non-judgmental fashion.  Well done!!!”

Robert M. “I didn’t know what to expect coming in here, but I felt treated like a human and with respect.  I guess I expected to be yelled at, which I deserve.  But hearing the speakers and the depth of emotion they showed was amazing and their stories are something I’ll never forget.  Thank you.”

Paul G.  “I was deeply moved by the stories I heard today.  It is hard to remain unaffected after hearing how close I was to disaster and how much worse things could have been.”

Cheryl H.  “Very thought out and emotional.  Thanks for not making me feel worse than I already do.”

Drew S.  “The stories really hit home.  Just goes to show how one choice or one moment in life can change everything, not only your life but in everyone’s around you. Thanks for the stories.”

Lisa M. “The panel presentation was beneficial and very touching.  The stories of real life victims with people in front of you was, I think, more influential and persuasive than a movie or t.v. presentation.  I am sorry you all had to go through those things and losses.  I am glad you are able to help others and I know that doesn’t take away your pain, but thanks.”

Dwight D. “Every single word that they said touched me,”

Mike.    “Dear George, Thanks for sharing your life with us.  I am a father of a 23 year old son and a 19 year old daughter.  J_____ is in the Navy following his Dad’s footsteps and N____ is attending the UW.  As you shared your story I found myself remembering many similar discussions with my children.  I was very involved with my children. Now that they are raised and out of the house I miss them terribly. Your ability to share such a hurtful part of your life with us today is very much appreciated.  I understand that in doing so you are in some way helping yourself to move on. For me, your story is a wonderful display of love.  Your pain is obvious and you desire to communicate to us the tragedies of alcohol was received loud and clear.  Tonight I will be calling both J and N to talk with them one more time about alcohol and drugs and decision making.  I will also labor to tell them how much I love them and how proud I was of them.

Your son continues to make a positive impact in this world through his loving father.  You are a great Dad!”

Steven B.  “It was hard listening too, but it made an impact on me.”

Kyle C.  “Very informative.  Really opens my awareness to the consequences of alcohol & how it not only can/will impact your life, but the life of those you love.”