Our Approach

Our mission is to help you lead a full, productive life by providing services appropriate to the challenges you face. As an outpatient counseling agency, we help our clients cope with depression, alcoholism, compulsive gambling and all manner of behavioral disorders. We help clients and their loved ones understand the core of why they do what they do and how to take back control of their lives and their careers. We tailor a program of services, including counseling, which gets you back on track and helps you stay there.

For over twenty-four years we have provided individuals from all walks of life with flexible, cost effective group and individual counseling sessions. Our therapists have special certifications and higher education degrees along with extensive experience helping people just like you. We specialize in treating co-occurring disorders, such as the compounding effect of addictions with mood disorders. We coordinate with doctors and other caregivers to treat each individual holistically, not just to “cure” the problem that brought them to us.

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We always offer our patients a warm, friendly, relaxing environment and counseling sessions that remain confidential, respectful, convenient, and affordable. Our services range from evaluation and assessment to education and treatment. Among the services we provide:

Alcohol and Drug Diagnostic Assessment, Treatment & Education
Mental Health Therapeutic Counseling and Treatment
Family and Marriage Counseling
Domestic Violence Intervention & Perpetrator Treatment
Problem and Pathological Gambling Treatment
DUI Victim Impact Panels
Alcohol and Drug Information School
Two Year Deferred Prosecution Treatment Plans

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