Substance Use Counseling Services

Coastal offers a variety of services to address substance abuse through our Substance Use Counseling.  These programs are state-certified and are flexible to fit the needs of each client’s circumstances.  So whether you must fulfill court-ordered treatment or education programs, random drug testing, or simply want help in recovery, Coastal can help you.  We encourage individuals as well as families to explore and develop a healthier lifestyle through counseling for substance use and addiction. We also work with individuals with co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorders.

The following are some of the services we offer:

¯  Diagnostic Assessments

¯  Two Year Deferred Prosecution Treatment Program for Chemical Dependency

¯  Personalized Counseling

¯  Specialization In Prescription Drug Abuse

¯  Individual and Group Counseling

¯  Relapse Prevention Program

¯  Women’s Group

¯  Family Counseling

¯  Alcohol & Drug InformationSchool and Victim’s Impact Panels  (State Certified – Same Day Classes)

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