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How Coastal Can Help You – Evaluations

Call (425) 646-4406 or email [email protected] for a free, confidential preliminary consultation.

Our goal is to help you understand and overcome the barriers to fulfilling life.  Getting a handle on what’s really going on for you is the first step.  We offer confidential and comprehensive assessments of a wide variety of problems, from alcohol and drug use to depression and domestic violence.  Evaluations involve a face-to-face appointment with a licensed counselor and a review of any relevant documents, such as driving records or medical histories.   With your permission, we will contact other professionals, such as your attorney or physician, to help us understand the complete picture.   We understand how challenges such as depression and drinking can compound, making getting back to normal that much harder.

A written report, including suggestions for the appropriate level of treatment, will be provided.  We always strive to offer both affordable and high quality services to our patients, so please view our fee schedule for the current prices.  Evaluations can be used in court or in referrals for in-patient treatment.

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Coastal provides psychotherapy and education for individuals and their loved ones.  We tailor the counseling plan to each individual’s needs.  Our counseling sessions are hour long one-on-one interactions with a trained, licensed therapist.  We are mindful of honoring each client’s desire for confidentiality, and we treat you with respect and dignity.  We offer counseling for:

  • Substance use
  • Addiction
  • Mental health issues
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Personality disorders
    • Post-traumatic stress
    • Bipolar
    • Co-occurring disorders
    • Family and Couples
    • Treatment for domestic violence perpetrators
    • Problem gambling


Understanding why is critical to seeing how.  Seeing how to overcome an addiction starts with understanding how a substance, such as marijuana, effects your judgment, your reactions, your body and your long term health.  Seeing how to handle a compulsion to gamble starts with understanding how you gamble, whether for the thrill of action or to escape.   Coastal offers a variety of programs designed to help our clients and their families understand why they suffer.  Outside of one-on-one counseling, Coastal has classes weekly in Alcohol and Drug Information School and Victims’ Impact Panels; and Problem Gambling Education for families and loved ones.

Monitoring Sobriety

We offer a complete urinalysis testing program that can screen for alcohol, drug and medication use and/or abuse.  See our insurance and payments tab on this website for the current list of rates for each type of monitoring we provide.


Most people are familiar with the concept of biofeedback – you can learn to control blood pressure and heart rate by “listening” to them thru an auditory or visual monitor.  Neurofeedback takes that concept – learning how to control your body and your mind – to a whole another level.  Through neurofeedback in a comfortable, controlled therapeutic setting, Coastal’ clients have overcome everything from anxiety and racing thoughts to ADHD.  It’s a safe and effective complement to psychotherapy with a counselor, and it can accelerate returning you to control of your life and your emotions.

Neurofeedback works by training different centers within your brain.  Normal activity within the brain is characterized by a balance of different frequencies of brain waves. Abnormal brain wave patterns in centers within the brain which control concentration, “fight or flight” instincts, relaxation versus agitation have been directly correlated to disorders like ADHD, post-traumatic stress, test anxiety and depression.

Our neurofeedback treatment is designed to help you practice bringing abnormal brain wave patterns in targeted centers back to normal.  It’s done in a safe, clinical setting.  The software programming, real time feedback and coaching protocols are designed to produce observable, performance based outcomes.  If you want to learn how to control your anxiety, our neurofeedback therapy is tailored specifically to the portion of your brain associated with anxiety.

For students struggling in school, we employ a neurofeedback program, Play Attention, which is used in over 450 school districts across America to help young people challenged by ADHD.

By using interactive computer based skill practices in which the subject’s thoughts control the ‘actions’ on the screen, Play Attention teaches the core skills needed for academic success.  Students with ADHD have challenges with more than just paying attention.  They struggle to remember things, they are easily distracted, have a hard time following instructions, and can’t seem to finish tasks or homework.  Play Attention specifically focuses on teaching and reinforcing the skills needed to overcome those challenges.