Problem Gambling

  • Understanding Problem Gambling

Pathological gambling is an emotional and physical dependence on gambling, a loss of control, putting self and loved ones at risk, and/or when despite negative consequences one continues to gamble.  Pathological gambling is addictive, and most people cannot stop by themselves.

Like other addictions, pathological gambling is treatable, and problem gamblers need help as well.  Stopping the cycle of stress and commotion gambling creates can happen with help and support.

We believe problem/pathological gambling does not just go away.  It is progressive and devastating.  There is support and education available to stop the problems created by gambling.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to ask for help. Coastal is a state-certified problem gambling treatment program — the largest, most comprehensive provider in Washington.  We serve people from all walks of life who struggle with gambling, including youth and seniors

  • Getting Help

Coastal provides assessment, education, and counseling to those who are impacted by gambling.  The gambler as well as the family can experience financial, emotional, vocational, and relationship problems.

The counseling is individualized to meet the needs of the person and/or family members who seek support.  We have certified problem gambling counselors available to work with problem gamblers and their love ones.

If you are unsure of what support you may need, we offer consultation or assessment sessions to evaluate your particular situation.

  • Other Resources

Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling: (800) 547-6133

Gamblers Anonymous: (213) 386-8789

Gam-Anon (for family members): (718) 352-1671

Debtors Anonymous: (781) 453-2743

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