Mental Health Services – Pathways

Pathways Mental Health Therapeutic Counseling and Treatment Services

Our psychodynamic psychotherapy for individuals, couples, children, and families works!  As part of our Pathways Program, we tailor a range of services in a confidential, comfortable setting to meet the unique needs of each person seeking therapeutic support.

Our certified and licensed counselors have extensive experience working with a variety of diagnoses and mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and other issues negatively impacting your quality of life. We offer both long and short-term therapy to accommodate your unique situation.

Many of our patients struggle with a dual diagnosis. If you are unsure of what support you might need, we offer consultation and assessment sessions to evaluate your unique situation. We also provide referral and treatment planning.

These services consist of:

¯     Assessments

¯     Individual and Family Counseling

¯    Depression/Anxiety Group Session

¯    A Two-Year Deferred Prosecution Treatment Program for Mental Health

Call us today at (425) 646-4406 to schedule a free, confidential preliminary consultation or email [email protected]

Coastal Treatment Services has licensed and certified counselors to provide…


◊   Individualized counseling to meet your special needs.

◊   Support and education to individuals and their families.

◊  Assessment and evaluations to help determine the appropriate path to self-enhancement through recovery.


You can call us anytime at (425) 646-4406 to schedule an appointment or inquire about our other resources available.