Services for Youth

The challenges facing teenagers every day are, in and of themselves, sometimes overwhelming.  When compounded by drug or alcohol use, depression or anxiety, compulsive gambling or run-ins with the law, they can seem insurmountable.  Both to the youth and his loved ones.

Coastal has helped many young people come to grips with their feelings and their problems.  Our counselors have years of experience helping each client understand the choices before them and take charge of their well being and happiness.  Through individual and group counseling, as well as therapy for the family and loved ones, we can help guide a teenager’s road to responsible decision-making and a less troubled life.

Drug and alcohol use are the most common sources for turmoil for teenagers and young adults.  Peer pressure, a perception that letting loose by imbibing is normal, even rationalizing binge drinking to the point of black outs are all contributing factors to a higher degree of substance abuse than amongst the general population.  And many young people don’t believe they have a problem with drugs and alcohol, even after they are in trouble at school or with the law.

We know how to break through denial and defensiveness.  We’ve helped literally hundreds of teenagers and young adults to understand what substance abuse means for them.  If you know of someone – a friend, a loved one or a relative – whose behavior and attitudes are holding them back, please call us at (425) 646-4406 for a free consultation.  We can help.

Our Youth Services

  • Depression, Anxiety and Anger Counseling
  • Mental Health  Assessments
  • Drug and Alcohol Assessments
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Deferred Prosecution Treatment Programs
    Intensive Outpatient Treatment
    Relapse Prevention Programs
    Outpatient Treatment
    Alcohol & Drug Information School
  • Victim Impact Panels
  • Drug Urinalysis Testing
  • Problem Gambling      Assessments
  • Treatment Programs
    Pathological Gambling Group
    Problem Gambling Group
    Debt/Financial Counseling
    Family Sessions
  • Individual Therapy        Sessions