Family Anger, Abuse, and Education Intervention & Treatment

Coastal Treatment operates a program, Resolve, specifically designed to help clients who struggle with control and anger in their relationships.  Resolve is a Washington State Certified Program that meets and exceeds the minimum requirements for designation as a Washington State Certified Domestic Violence Treatment Program. For those seeking help under a court order, the program duration requires minimum participation and compliance based on each individual’s recommendation. All participants are required to complete an intake assessment prior to acceptance into the Resolve Domestic Violence Prevention Program. Resolve offers support and resources to the participant’s partner, former partner, and family members. Resolve also offers civil domestic violence evaluations.

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Consulting & Community Education

Our years of experience in the field of Domestic Violence makes us uniquely qualified to provide consultation to help develop intervention programs and workshops assisting those affected by domestic violence. In addition to providing genuine service quality regarding domestic violence, we also offer on-site training in workplace violence.

Resolve Philosophy

We believe abuse is learned, regardless of gender or economic status. We also believe that non-controlling and non-abusive behaviors can be learned that help enables personal needs to be met. Domestic Violence is not a relationship issue. We believe that with work and willingness, participants will be able to:

 ◊   change their attitudes and beliefs that support abuse

 ◊   take responsibility for past and present personal behaviors that compromise the physical, psychological and emotional safety of others

 ◊   learn to choose non-abusive ways to get their needs met, and

 ◊   learn to build equality-based relationships.

If You Are A Victim Of Domestic Violence…

Please seek help and support from:

The Eastside Domestic Violence Council

(425) 746-1940


New Beginnings

(206) 783-4520

You can never be responsible for another’s choice to behave inappropriately.