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  • Victims Impact Panels in Bellevue (Saturdays and specific weekdays on either Wed. or Tues.) & Everett (Every other Saturday and specific weekdays on Tues)
  • Alcohol & Drug Information School (ADIS) in Bellevue Saturdays (weekday Wed.) & Everett (weekday Tues.)
  • Certified Alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations
  • Outpatient treatment programs including Intensive Outpatient Patient
  • Deferred Prosecution

Call us at (425) 646-4406 to reserve a spot at our DUI Victim Impact Panels or ADIS.

For Coastal, our Victims Impact Panels are not about punishing those of you that have found your way here.  They also are not about pitying the fate of those who have been victims of a DUI crash.  While our stories may discomfort you, they aren’t told like a bad slasher movie to horrify you.  They are told with empathy because most of us have been right where you are. We’ve made spur of the moment decisions to risk driving after drinking.  We’ve made choices that had unintended consequences.

But please know this.  It doesn’t matter what age you are or how smart you are.  It doesn’t matter how skilled of a driver you are, even when you’re buzzed.  It’s scientifically proven, everyone’s driving ability is at risk when under the influence.

Coastal’ DUI Victim Impact Panel and Alcohol & Drug Information School is court-approved and meets all applicable Washington State certification standards.   Participants receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course, and we keep copies of the certificate on file for seven years.

Those of us who host these panels and present at them do so with one hope:  That something in our stories will resonate with those of you listening, so that when faced with the realization that you have the choice of driving home after drinking or letting someone sober drive, you make the right choice.  The vast majority of those charged with DUI or minor in possession or negligent driving have mainly harmed themselves – attorney’s fees, court costs, physical and emotional injury, insurance premium hikes, assessments and treatment programs all add up to a lot of financial cost.  Not to mention the property damage if your vehicle was crashed, or the lifelong guilt if you killed or injured someone else.

For some, that cost is enough to convince them never to take the risk again.

In their own words, here’s what others have said about the value of Coastal’s DUI Victim Impact Panels.

Even if that cost has hit home and you swear you’ll always hand the keys over when you’ve been drinking or drugging, there is a good reason to attend a victims impact panel.  Today’s resolve can waver tomorrow.  Even adults can make the mistakes of caving into peer pressure.  We all rationalize doing risky things when the fog of time makes the personal pain of today’s mistakes fade.  To truly prevent ourselves from ever making the mistake of driving under the influence again, we have to be able to picture ourselves in the shoes of those put at risk by our choices. Until we have internalized the pain and the decades long struggle to recover for survivors of a DUI crash, we won’t have the touchstone to fall back on when we’re tempted to rationalize away the risk of driving after drinking.

We encourage you to read the stories shared here, as they will give you a foretaste of what a victims impact panel is about.  If you are moved by their stories, please post your comment or e-mail our presenters.  Join this community of survivors of DUI.

Karen Minahan

A Sober Walk through a DUI Traffic Stop

If you attend a victims impact panel, you will be treated with respect and courtesy.  You will be introduced to a group of caring and committed people.  We encourage you to listen with an open mind.  If a friend or family member wants to accompany you, please encourage them to do so. For those not wanting a certificate of attendance, there is no charge for participating.   And if you know of someone whose life has been affected by DUI, please encourage them to contact Coastal for support.   Coastal offers a wide range of services and contacts to other resources, both on-line and not, of which we encourage you to avail yourselves.


ADIS is a state-certified and court-approved eight hour instruction and education class. This course meets the court and driver’s education criteria for the State of Washington.  Coastal offers ADIS classes in conjunction with DUI Victims Impact Panels, back to back, so that participants can save time and travel.  Classes are offered at our offices

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