Insurance & Payment

  • Our Fee Schedule

We now offer urinalysis for a flat administrative fee of $15*.  All insurance billing handled for our clients without additional charge.  Fees quoted below are for pre-payment or payment in full on the day of service.  Fees billed to insurance will be higher than listed below.

Receive 15% off listed price if paid in full at time of service!

Evaluation Service Provided Fee
Alcohol/Drug   Evaluation $198.24
Alcohol/Drug   Evaluation (Interpreted) $250 (Prepayment Rqd)
Mental Health   Evaluation $400
Alcohol/Drug or Mental Health (CIVIL) Evaluation $650
Mental   Health Evaluation/ Orientation (self-referred) $198.24
Gambling Evaluation   (Target Sponsored) $198.24
Gambling Evaluation   (Private Pay) $198.24
Domestic Violence   Intake (enrollment) $350
Counseling Sessions Fee
Consultation (½   hour) FREE
Orientation /   Patient Enrollment (1½ hours) $106.06
Alcohol/Drug   Individual Session (1 hour) $106.06
Relapse Education   Session (1 hour) $106.06
Mental Health   Individual Session (1 hour) $106.06
Domestic Violence   Individual Session (1 hour) $106.06
Gambling Education   Session (1 hour) $106.06
Alcohol/Drug Group   Session (1 to 2 hours) $35
Alcohol/Drug   Relapse Group Session (2 hours) $35
Domestic Violence   Group Session (1½ to 2 hours) $35
Neurofeedback   Session (1 hour) $145
Biofeedback Session   (1/2 hour) $85
Urinalysis &   Breathalyzer Fee*
Active Client   Standard UA $15
Active Client EtG UA $15
Active Client   Breathalyzer $15
UA Only NON-Client   standard UA $15
UA Only NON-Client   EtG UA $15
BA Only NON-Client   breathalyzer $15
  • Participating Plans

We accept reimbursement from most major medical plans as a preferred provider.  Call our financial office at (425) 646-4406 to confirm coverage and any applicable co-pays or deductibles for your insurance plan.

  • Problem Gambling

Coastal participates in the Washington State Problem Gambling Treatment Program as a certified provider.  As such, you may be qualified for free assessment and treatment services under the state’s program.  Call our financial office at (425) 646-4406 to confirm availability of free services under the state program.

  • Urine Analysis Testing*

To ensure specimen validity and result authentication all urine specimens submitted to Coastal for testing is performed by a CLIA approved laboratory: Millennium Laboratories. Coastal’s administrative fee is for monitoring, reporting, and releasing the results of any urine specimen provided. Millennium Labs does have an their own fees associated with testing samples, however, they do accept most medical insurance plans and offer financial assistance programs for most patients. Please ask Coastal staff, or Millennium, for further details.

  • Miscellaneous Services
Miscellaneous Services Fee
Alcohol/Drug   Information School $100
Individual ADIS class $350
Victim’s Impact   Panel $35
Individual DUI Victims Panel $165
Victim’s Impact   Panel (Observation Only) FREE
Letter Request $35
Criminal History   Request $35
Court Appearance   (Counselor & Client) $800 half a day
Court Appearance   (Counselor & Client) $1600 a full day
UA Calls Only $100/month
Anger  Management $150 per weekend

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